Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've been very lax about our blog lately! Very. Sorry about that! Life's been a bit crazy. I was in the States for two weeks talking about the business and as a side bonus (a big one!) getting to see various family and friends. Steve did a great job as Mr. Mom/Mum and the kids stepped up and helped out, too.

Some recent events since:

-We're pretty sure a new strain of Swine Flu that's in our city hit everyone in the family except Steve and Aaron last week. I think I had the other one last year when we were in Fiji so got this one less intensely than the kids. They're pretty much over it now--but was not fun!

-The teenage daughter of one of the ladies who works with us committed suicide last week. This obviously had a huge impact on everyone here.

-On the flip-side, one of the women took a 'swim' over the weekend. Was precious to witness! There were others who wanted to join her but couldn't because of interference from family members.

-Speaking of the business, we NEED ORDERS! There are some for later in the works but in the past week there have been a number of days with no work for the women to do. They still receive their paycheck regardless, but we need orders to continue to function and grow so that more women can be free!

-Steve's made huge progress on our future home lately! There's still a big job left that involves a lot of welding which the local workers can't do. This means that Steve will have to do it all himself and will take some time, but we'll get there! Pictures soon.

-Meanwhile, the huge rat that lived in our drain finally took the bait and bit the dust the other day. Adam especially was relieved!

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