Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun times !!!

  • Heather always writes these blogs but I thought it was high time I (Steve) penned an entry. There are many fun advantages of living where we are. I thought I might mention just a few:
  1. 1. Where in the West can you stand 3 stories high on bamboo scaffolding wearing regulation safety boots (flipflops) with no safety equipment at all?
  2. 2. Where else can you drive on the wrong side of the road with traffic coming straight at you and it be quite normal ?
  3. I have not used a seat belt since I got here.
  4. Where else can you drink 12 liters of water in a day and not pee once ?
  5. For us guys, we can pee on any wall we want to any time you like and it is quite normal (I actually have not tried this yet!)
  6. You can play your music as loud as you like in your house or anywhere and no one complains.
  7. When driving, the main point is to use your horn as much as you can so that people know that you are there. You try and overtake on any side you like whenever you like even if someone is coming from the other direction.
  8. My electrician turns up to work sometimes in bare feet and wires the mains board live!
  9. Last week we lifted a 400kg machine 4 stories high---with just bamboo scaffolding.
You are probably sitting in your rocking chair reading this and saying to yourself, "Steve is where the action is!" And you'll be right!

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