Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There's a homeschooling forum that I've gone to for years and even though I'm not homeschooling anymore I still enjoy checking up on my friends there who also live overseas. They've been a huge support to me over the years since we understand each other's unique challenges of living outside of our homeland.

At the top of the forum today is a note saying that a certain lady will be missed. It's probably been there for a while but I hadn't noticed it. She's not 'International' but I remember had joined in the conversations in the International corner now and then. When I looked further I found that she died a couple of weeks ago of the ovarian cancer that she'd been fighting for the last 4 years.

Then I noticed the most profound thing I've seen in a long time. Under everyone's picture on the forum page is a place to put your location that is attached to every post that you make. Most people have 'Texas' or 'Thailand', etc. on theirs. I had noticed what this lady's has said in the past but it hit me like a lightning bolt today. Still on the forum put there by her well before she died, her location says, "Exactly where I'm meant to be."


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