Friday, November 5, 2010

Another puja

Today is a 'puja' day to the goddess of this city. She's not very nice, really. First of all she's always bright blue (?) and scantily clad, but the real disturbing thing about her is that she usually is depicted as having her husband's decapitated head hanging by the hair from her hand. Often she has a bunch of bloody heads around her feet as well.

Like I said not pretty and not something that inspires worship in me!

But to her followers their perspective is that since she's the 'baddest' thing around that she would obviously be the one most likely to be able to protect them. So they worship.

It challenges my thinking about how to present a Relationship that is as tender as a mother to a child while not loosing focus of the fact that He is omnipotent as well!

It's two for one today as it's also the day to worship the goddess of prosperity.

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