Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Adam, who will be 8 in 16 days (I know this because he's reminding us daily!) was told recently by his siblings that I have a folder of all of their early artwork somewhere in a box in the States and wanted to know where his folder was. Well, in all of the moves we've done in the past few years he didn't have one. But his mom quickly remedied that situation! Adam is actually quite the budding little artist helped along by big sister Rach who is quite the artist as well.

He wants the best of his artwork saved so he can remember it later. And show it to others, I'm sure. And now about once a week or so I get handed a paper folder worthy.

I was just reading the amazing chapters in Deut. before the people entered the Promised Land. I was struck by how many times in a list the word 'remember' was used. They were told to remember all of the amazing things that He had done! It was to carry them through the battles ahead of entering the land and then later meant to keep them from falling away from Him. (ch.7)

A couple of chapters later (ch.11) the words "They didn't see..." about their children is repeated ending with the words, "But you have seen the L perform all these mighty deeds with your own eyes."

What do I need to 'remember' today so that I continue to walk by faith into the future? Because He HAS done amazing things for me! What things do I need to pass along through my own eyes to those who 'didn't see' those things?

I want to store them up so I can pull them out later. To admire the 'artwork' of my Father in my life. And to 'show' others the things that He has done!!!

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