Monday, November 15, 2010

Things are going well lately. A team from Steve's home fellowship in NZ has been here this past week with more arriving today. We're enjoying them! The weather has cooled just a tad so it's not so intense. Lovely!

We have just switched from a language class to a tutor who we're hoping will help us take the structure that we learned in class and use it more fluently. We had our first session with her a couple of days ago.

On a page that she was making us read and respond to in the language was the word "dhOrmo" which literally translated means 'religion'. Our tutor explained that that's not the full meaning, however.

The real meaning is this, "That which holds you, that which makes you what you are." She told us that the religion here is not just about belief but it's how you live your life. Pretty insightful, huh? I agreed with her while adding things like, "In response to a relationship, from the inside out," in my head.

She felt that you can choose what it is that you w0rship as long as it gives you strength and means something to you. That's the point where I stopped nodding my head in agreement!

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